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AERA 2013 | What are the Effects of Teacher Education and Preparation on Beginning Teacher Retention

This study addresses the question: do the kinds and amounts of pre-service education and preparation beginning teachers receive before they begin teaching have any impact on whether they remain in teaching? Our data source is the National Center for Education Statistics’ nationally representative Schools and Staffing Survey and its supplement the Teacher Followup Survey. Our analyses also show that, after controlling for the background characteristics of teachers and their schools, a number of aspects of the education and preparation beginning teachers receive were significantly associated with their retention. The amount of pedagogical preparation teachers received, especially practice teaching, was the most strongly related to whether new teachers remained in teaching.

Authors: Richard Ingersoll, Lisa Merrill, Henry May

Citation: Ingersoll, R., Merrill, L., & May, H. (2014). What are the effects of teacher education and preparation on beginning teacher attrition? CPRE Research Report #RR-82. Philadelphia: Consortium for Policy Research in Education. DOI:10.12698/cpre.2014.rr82



Publication Date

April 2013