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Research Report

"This is the Big Leagues” Charter-Led Turnaround in a Non-Charter World

Senior Research Specialist Diane Massell (University of Michigan), Joshua L. Glazer, and Matthew Malone (both from George Washington University) examine the opportunities examines the opportunities and challenges of operating schools in the Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD), a state-run district created to manage chronically low-performing schools.

The ASD sought to recruit high-performing charter management or other independent organizations to take on this turnaround work. While maintaining their commitment to traditional neighborhood school arrangements, the ASD leaders also sought to offer operators the kinds of autonomy and resource flexibility that charters typically enjoy in other settings. Our study looks across a sample of nine ASD organizations to consider how the conditions here are similar to or depart from more customary charter environments, and what that difference has meant for the educational design and operations of schools.


Diane Massell, Joshua Glazer, and Matthew Malone

Publication Date

June 2016


Tennessee Consortium