CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Changing Teacher Compensation

The purpose of this five-year project (1996-2001) was to identify alternative teacher salary approaches that provide strong incentives for enhancing the individual capacity to teach students to high academic standards, and that reward groups of teachers for success. To accomplish this, case studies of such programs were conducted and then used to construct surveys that were sent to a larger number of teachers, schools, and districts.

Products (in addition to those hyperlinked below):

The Motivational Effects of School-based Performance Awards. (Carolyn Kelley, Allan Odden, Anthony Milanowski, and Herbert Heneman, February 2000))

Paying Teachers for What They Know and Do: New and Smarter Compensation Strategies to Improve Schools, Second Edition. (Allan Odden and Carolyn Kelley. Available from Corwin Press.)

Start date: 
January 1996
End date: 
December 2001