CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Developing Learning Progressions in Support of the New Science Standards: A RAPID Workshop Series

The Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) at Teachers College, Columbia University organized two panels of science educators to develop hypothetical learning progressions based on the new National Research Council Framework for the Development of Science Standards. The intent was to complement the development of the new national science standards, being developed by Achieve. The two new hypothetical learning progressions (LPs) addressed two of the “big ideas” identified in the Framework. By convening experts who study learning in the physical and life sciences and state and district supervisors to develop testable LPs for these big ideas, CPRE is providing another tool for states, districts, and developers of instructional materials as they interpret and implement the new national standards. The ultimate goal is for this work to help state and district science supervisors interpret the new standards and make better informed decisions about the revision of their own standards, assessments, and curriculum.

Citation: Rogat, A. (2011). Developing learning progressions in support of the new science standards: A RAPID Workshop Series. CPRE Research Report. Philadelphia: Consortium for Policy Research in Education. DOI: 10.12698/cpre.2011.lprapid

Start date: 
November 2010
End date: 
August 2011