CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Duval County Public Schools

CPRE's work with the Duval County Public Schools consisted of two distinct strands. The first was a continuation of the longitudinal impact study that CPRE had been conducting of growth in student learning in Duval schools compared to that of schools in other Florida Counties. The second was ongoing technical assistance in the design and implementation of the Standards Implementation Snapshot System.

Student Impact Study
For the past several years, CPRE has tracked the annual growth in school-level student performance in Duval Schools in comparison to schools in a comparable set of Florida counties. In past years CPRE found that Duval schools consistently out-gained other, comparable, Florida schools in the elementary grades. There were no differences in the middle school grades. As standards-based reform matures in Duval County, we would expect to see some differences emerge in middle schools. We will continue to conduct these analyses to provide evidence of impact of the district's reform efforts over time. For the first time this year we will extend our analyses to include high schools.

Technical Assistance for the Standards Implementation Snapshot System
For the past two years, CPRE has worked alongside Duval County administrators to assist in the design, development, and implementation of the Snapshot System. The majority of CPRE's effort over the time of this contract will consist of continuing to provide technical assistance to the district's work in monitoring the implementation of standards in the county's schools. This work includes: (1) developing the samples for snapshot visits; (2) analyzing the snapshot results and producing the snapshot products; (3) helping to facilitate the development of the snapshot rubrics; (4) participating in snapshot design decisions; (5) working with regional directors to develop their capacity to discuss the snapshot results with principals in the monthly principal meetings.

Start date: 
January 2000
End date: 
September 2004