CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Evaluation of the America's Choice School Design

In 1998, CPRE was contracted by the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) to conduct the external evaluation of the America's Choice school design. Each year, CPRE designed and conducted a series of targeted studies on the implementation and impact of the America's Choice design. The purpose of CPRE's evaluation was to provide formative feedback to NCEE and America's Choice schools about emerging trends in the implementation of the design, and to seek evidence of the impacts of the design using accepted high standards of evaluation design and analysis methodologies.

CPRE's evaluation of America's Choice was guided by three overarching evaluation questions. First, is America's Choice being carried out in the manner envisioned -- that is, how are teachers and school administrators understanding and implementing the many facets of the reform design? Second, as a result of teachers' implementation of America's Choice, are their instructional practices changing in ways that would improve student learning? Third, to what degree can improvements in student achievement be attributed to the design? Within this framework, annual evaluation studies targeted specific aspects of the America's Choice design for more in-depth investigation.

To address these questions, the CPRE evaluation team gathered a broad array of qualitative and quantitative data to develop a rich and valid snapshot of the implementation process over time and to capture the impacts of the design on students and teachers. After data collection, CPRE research team members analyzed the data using appropriate qualitative and quantitative research techniques in order to identify patterns of intended and unintended consequences and to detect effects of the design on students, teachers, and schools. The results are reported in a series of thematic evaluation reports that are released each year.

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Moving Mountains: Successes and Challenges of the America's Choice Comprehensive School Reform Design (Jonathan A. Supovitz, Susan M. Poglinco, and Brooke A. Snyder, March 2001)

Start date: 
January 1998
End date: 
December 2005