CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Evaluation of the Children Achieving Challenge Initiative in Philadelphia, PA

This project (1995-2002) evaluated the implementation and effects of a district-wide reform effort stimulated by the Annenberg Challenge. It sought answers to questions such as: Is the initiative being carried out in the manner envisioned? Are instructional practices and the learning experiences of students changing in ways that would be expected to improve outcomes? Are there unanticipated issues or obstacles that limit implementation or the effectiveness of various components?

The Accountability System: Defining Responsibility for Student Achievement. (Theresa Luhm, Ellen Foley, and Tom Corcoran, 1998)

Civic Engagement and Urban School Improvement: Hard-to-Learn Lessons from Philadelphia. (Jolley Bruce Christman and Amy Rhodes, June 2002)

Clients, Consumers, or Collaborators? Parents and their Roles in School Reform During Children Achieving, 1995-2000. (Eva Gold, Amy Rhodes, Shirley Brown, Susan Lytle, and Diane Waff, August 2001)

Contradictions and Control in Systemic Reform: The Ascendancy of the Central Office in Philadelphia Schools. (Ellen Foley, August 2001)

Guidance for School Improvement in a Decentralizing System: How Much, What Kind, and From Where? (Jolley Bruce Christman, 1998)

The Limits and Contradictions of Sytemic Reform: The Philadelphia Story. (Tom Corcoran and Jolley Bruce Christman, November 2002)

Making Sense of Standards: Implementation Issues and the Impact on Teaching Practice. (Elaine Simon, Ellen Foley, and Claire Passantino, 1998)

Powerful Ideas, Modest Gains: Five Years of Systemic Reform in Philadelphia Middle Schools. (Jolley Bruce Christman, December 2001)

Recruiting and Retaining Teachers: Keys to Improving the Philadelphia Public Schools
(Susan Watson, May 2001)

Restructuring Student Support Services: Redefining the Role of the School District. (Ellen Foley, 1998)

School Leadership and Reform: Case Studies of Philadelphia Principals. (Mary Helen Spiri, May 2001)

Philadelphia School Case Studies:
Introduction to the Case Studies.
(Spring 2002)

Glossary. (Spring 2002)

Children Achieving Challenge Overview. (Spring 2002)

Evans Elementary School. (Susan Watson, Spring 2002)

Redding Elementary School. (Rhonda Phillips, Spring 2002)

Ward Elementary School. (Claire Passantino, Spring 2002)

Baker Middle School. (Jolley Christman, Spring 2002)

Cooper Middle School. (Nancy Lawrence, Spring 2002)

Memorial High School. (Theresa Luhm, Spring 2002)

Walker High School. (Hitomi Yoshida, Spring 2002)