CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Evaluation of the Merck Institute for Science Education

CPRE, based at the University of Pennsylvania, was contracted by the Merck Institute for Science Education (MISE) from 1993-2004 to document the implementation of the initiative and assess its impact on districts, schools, classrooms, and students. Throughout the evaluation, CPRE conducted interviews with teachers, instructional leaders, and district personnel; surveyed teachers; developed case studies of schools; and examined student achievement data in order to provide feedback on the progress of the MISE Partnership.

Changing District Culture and Capacity: The Impact of the Merck Institute for Science Education Partnership (Tom Corcoran and Nancy Lawrence, November 2003)

Getting It Right: The MISE Approach to Professional Development (Tom Corcoran, Siobhan McVay, and Kate Riordan, December 2003)

The Merck Institute for Science Education: A Successful Intermediary for Education Reform (Tom Corcoran, March 2003)

Systemic Reform in Practice: Merck Institute for Science Education (CPRE, March 2003)

Teacher Leadership as a Strategy for Instructional Improvement: The Case of the Merck Institute for Science Education (Kate Riordan, March 2003, RR-052)

Franklin Elementary School Case Study, Rahway, NJ (Siobhan McVay, March 2003)

Highland Avenue School Case Study, Linden, NJ (Claire Passantino, March 2003)

Inglewood Elementary School Case Study, Lansdale, PA (Siobhan McVay, March 2003)

Three Bridges and Holland Brook Elementary Schools Case Studies, Readington Township, NJ (Patricia J. Kannapel, March 2003)