CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Evaluation of School Improvement Efforts in Hamilton, TN

This project seeks to evaluate the scale-up and sustainability of school reform efforts in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Using interview and survey research, this research examines the extent to which lessons learned in successful school-based improvement efforts are being used to improve the function of the central office and its support of elementary schools. Weinbaum and Riggan have designed an evaluation that focuses on the five core principles earlier improvement efforts in the County supported by the Benwood Foundation. This evaluation, to be conducted over four years, examines the systemwide establishment of clear expectations, quality of professional development for teachers and administrators, use of data, and development of internal and external accountability in the district.

Sponsoring Agency: Benwood Foundation

Research Team: Elliot Weinbaum, Matthew Riggan, Jonathan Supovitz (University of Pennsylvania)

Start date: 
November 2008
End date: 
October 2012