CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Implementing and Improving Comprehensive and Balanced Learning Assessment Systems for Success

This project aims to conduct a three-phase capacity-building, research and evaluation project to provide intensive, high-quality professional development for state, district and high school teams in the effective implementation and improvement of a comprehensive and balanced learning and assessment system. The project started in fall of 2006 and will run until spring of 2008.

The first phase of the project consists of familiarizing state teams with a research-based vision of a comprehensive and balanced assessment system to give them a conceptual framework for assessment for learning at the state, district, school, and classroom levels. The states will then build leadership capacity and implement what they have learned through professional development and training at high poverty, low-performing high schools.

CPRE is conducting an ongoing formative evaluation of this project. This research and evaluation project includes documentation of all capacity-building efforts, quantitative measures of changes in teacher knowledge and practice related to classroom assessment, and qualitative data drawn from interviews with key actors at the state, district, and school levels. Findings will be shared with project leaders throughout the grant term so that state and local teams can learn and make adjustments and refinements to their systems as needed during the project period. The project will conclude in spring 2008 with a final evaluation.


 Learning About Assessment: An Evaluation of a Ten-State Effort to Build Assessment Capacity in High Schools (Elliot Weinbaum, RR-61, 2009) 

This research report focuses primarily on the creation and function of teacher learning teams focused on assessment for learning, one of the many project goals. The findings and impacts from this study raise several important points for those seeking to implement and support a similar school improvement program. 

August 15, 2007 -  Collaborative Featured in Education Week

CPRE Researcher, Dr. Elliot Weinbaum offers perspective on the emergence of formative assessment as an instructional strategy in, “10-State Pilot Preparing Teachers to Develop Tests,” an article featured in a recent issue of Education Week

The article highlights a 10-state collaborative effort that aims to build teacher knowledge and skills in classroom-based formative assessment with the goal of improving motivation and learning of high school students in low-performing, high-poverty schools. The Council of Chief State School Officers, Rick Stiggins of the Educational Testing Service/Assessment Training Institute, CPRE, and Edvantia are collaborating in this effort. CPRE’s role, under the direction of Dr. Weinbaum, is to conduct an ongoing formative evaluation of the project.

To download a copy of the Education Week article, visit the Education Week archives for the August 15, 2008 issue (Vol. 26, Issue 45). Note: You must subscribe to Education Week to download the article in its entirety.