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Learning-Centered Teacher Evaluation in Wisconsin

Much of the attention to recent developments in the United States on teacher evaluation policy has focused on high stakes uses of evaluation results or the ability of system measures to differentiate performance. In this chapter, the authors review one state's efforts to build a learning-centered teacher evaluation system. Following an overview of the principles embraced during the state's development and roll-out the system, the focus turns to the evaluation design, including how the measures, processes and training build on the principles. Findings from district visits illustrate local implementation opportunities and struggles. The authors describe current statewide training plans in response to preliminary implementation findings and conclude with challenges that will need to be addressed to promote learning-centered evaluation.




Steven M. Kimball (UW-Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research, USA), Katharine M. Rainey (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, USA) and Mark Mueller (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, USA)

Publication Date

September 2016


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