CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

The Linking Study

Using a randomized control trial, the Linking Study tests the impacts of the intervention on teachers’ perceptions of their fluency with data and their self-reported learning about their instructional practices and their students’ thinking. Moreover, the study estimates effects on instruction caused by the intervention, based upon external trained raters’ judgments of the quality of instructional practice. Finally, this research examines impacts of the intervention on student outcomes.

The Linking Study was generously funded by the Spencer Foundation of Chicago, Illinois to explore teachers’ use of data to inform and improve the teaching and learning process. This paper focuses on the experimental impacts of the study. Other Spencer funded papers include an examination of the role and moves of facilitators in guiding teachers’ conversations in PLCs (Ebby & Oettinger, 2013), and several micro studies of the teacher learning process (Christman and Edmonds, forthcoming; Supovitz & Ebby, in imagination). 

Start date: 
July 2009
End date: 
June 2012