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New York City's Children First Networks: turning accountability on its head

In this paper, authors report findings from an exploratory study of New York’s children first networks (CFNs). They look at the structures of networks through the lens of organizational learning. What was learned during implementation of CFNs? What parts of the reform persisted and were sustained? What parts of the reform changed and why?

This paper begins with a description of the theory of action underpinning the CFN reform. Next, a brief review of the evolution of CFNs – what was planned – is presented, followed by an overview of organizational learning theory which was used to frame the research design. Then, findings from this study are presented, followed by the conclusion which postulates a series of hypotheses to guide future research.

This article first appeared in the Journal of Educational Administration 51(4), 528-549.


Priscilla Wohlstetter, Joanna Smith, Andrew Gallagher

Publication Date

November 2012