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Project Upgrade

Improving the teaching and learning of science and mathematics is a national imperative in Thailand. To address this critical national problem, the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) is supporting an initiative to improve teaching and learning in low-performing schools in seven provinces. If this initiative proves successful, it will be expanded to additional provinces. The initiative focuses on improving the performance of schools whose students are on average scoring below average on the national mathematics and science assessments. There are 10,000 such schools.  Project Upgrade addresses this aspect of the national initiative, improving performance in low-performing small schools. Led by IPST, a partnership of Thai and US institutions is supporting the design and implementation of Upgrade. The pilot project began in 2010, serving 280 low-performing schools clustered in 7 provinces, and will be scaled up beginning in 2012 to eventually reach all of the schools with weak performance in mathematics and science. This will be a comprehensive intervention designed to address all of the key elements affecting school performance.

Start date: 
October 2010
End date: 
January 2014