CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Redesigning School Finance

This project (1996-2002) sought to determine how to redesign state school finance systems when the nature of fiscal disparities has changed, when the key education challenge is to improve the productivity of the system in order to teach students to high standards, and when the primary locus for reallocating dollars to higher performance is at the school site. The project produced a handbook to upgrade state-to-district school finance systems, studied school-based finance systems around the world, and investigated specific strategies for how schools can make better use of school resources. The goal was to identify a structure for a new state school finance structure, formulas that districts can use to devolve lump-sum budgets to school sites as part of district strategies for organizing for higher performance, and practical strategies at both the site and district levels for using resources differently to improve education system productivity (i.e., to boost student achievement with existing resources). This project also developed case studies of school resource reallocation efforts, identifying which resources were reallocated to what purposes and the process schools used to accomplish these difficult tasks.

For more information on this project, please see University of Wisconsin-Madison CPRE page.

A Case Study of Resource Reallocation to Implement a Whole-school Reform Model and Boost Student Achievement: Parnell Elementary School. (Sarah Archibald and Allan Odden, 2000)

A Case Study of Resource Reallocation to Reduce Class Size, Enhance Teacher Planning Time, and Strengthen Literacy: Clayton Elementary School. (Allan Odden and Sarah Archibald, 2000)

Creating School Finance Policies That Facilitate New Goals.  (Allan Odden, September 1998, RB-26)

Farnham Elementary School: A Case Study of Resource Reallocation. (Allan Odden, Sarah Archibald, and Anita Tychsen, 2000)

Hollister Elementary School: A Case Study of Resource Reallocation. (Allan Odden, Sarah Archibald, and Anita Tychsen, 1999)

Improving State School Finance Systems: New Realities Create Need to Re-Engineer School Finance Structures
(Allan Odden, February 1999, No. OP-04)

Reallocating Resources: How to Boost Student Achievement Without Asking for More. (Allan Odden and Sarah Archibald, 2000) Available from Corwin Press.

Rethinking School Budgets to Support Whole-school Reform. (Allan Odden, May 1998)

Rethinking the Allocation of Teaching Resources. (Linda Darling-Hammond and Karen Hawley Miles, May 1998)

Start date: 
January 1996
End date: 
December 2002