CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

REL-Mid Atlantic Early Childhood Education Data Workgroup

CPRE researchers, in partnership with the REL Mid-Atlantic, are facilitating a regional workgroup for state staffs that design, manage, and use early childhood data systems. The workgroup provides a forum for regular peer exchange of ideas and strategies for collecting, analyzing, and using state data. Hearing a range of perspectives gives the states an opportunity to identify common challenges and learn about innovative solutions. Each workgroup meeting includes a national expert, including from universities, the Early Childhood Data Collaborative, the National Governors Association, and the Kellogg Foundation, who brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

The states in the Mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia) are not only in different stages of system design, development, and use, but also have different overall strategies for system governance and integration. These states are now positioned to move forward in the use of early learning data to benefit early learning and child outcomes. In addition, these conditions have created a great opportunity for cross-state collaboration in sharing and developing new strategies for using data. Despite the progress in developing state data systems, few are advanced enough in data reporting and data analytics to inform strategic investments, drive program integrity, guide support for training and quality improvement, and enable program accountability. This workgroup aims to address these and other topics with the group’s members and to share identified solutions through a set of reports.

Start date: 
August 2013
End date: 
December 2014