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Rethinking School Finance: An Agenda for the 1990s

In ten original chapters, Rethinking School Finance provides thoughtful insights, challenging solutions, and specific guidance on implementing sound fiscal policy for schools in the 1990s. Each chapter identifies an important topic in education reform - paying teachers for productivity, school site management, incentives, choice, coordinated social services for children, interstate disparities - and discusses the finance issues related to them. Drawing on research and compensation strategies used in the private sector, the authors discuss not only the various financial dimensions of school reform issues, but also the programs local states and school districts have adopted to address them. They provide new information and analysis that can be used by policy makers to design and enact policies, by education leaders to tailor local responses, and by analysts to raise new questions and probe uncharted dimensions of public school finance. From proposing innovative ways to finance "one stop shopping" for school-linked social services to discussing the pros and cons of creating a global school finance indicator, the authors provide a forward-looking perspective on finance, especially as it relates to an evolving education reform agenda. Rethinking School Finance is co-sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation and the Consortium for Policy Research in Education.

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Publication Date

January 1992