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School-Based Management: Organizing for High Performance

This book examines the school-based management strategies that hold the most promise for increasing organizational effectiveness.School-based management (SBM) has gained popularity as a method for local school participants--educators, parents, students, and the community at large--to improve their schools. Yet there is little empirical evidence supporting a link between SBM and improved performance. Why have results been so disappointing? Can they be improved--or is the theory itself flawed?This book examines the SBM strategies that hold the most promise for increasing organizational effectiveness. Basing their approach on the pioneering ``high-involvement'' model, the authors reveal the need to go beyond thinking about SBM as a simple transfer of power and to view it as a change in organizational design. Successful SBM depends upon the development of a shared understanding of a new way of operating. The challenge is to redesign an organization that enables educators to engage in the extensive learning required to adopt new approaches to teaching and learning; involves them in the continuous improvement of performance; and promotes the involvement and responsiveness of the school to the diverse needs of the community.

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Publication Date

October 1994