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From Testing to Teaching: The Use of Interim Assessments in Classroom Instruction

The past ten years have witnessed an explosion in the use of interim assessments by school districts across the country. A primary reason for this rapid growth is the assumption that interim assessments can inform and improve instructional practice and thereby contribute to increased student achievement. Testing companies, states, and districts have become invested in selling or creating interim assessments and data management systems designed to help teachers, principals, and district leaders make sense of student data, identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, identify instructional strategies for targeted students, and much moreery few studies exist on how interim assessments are actually used, by individual teachers in classrooms, by principals, and by districtsThe purpose of this exploratory study is to examine the use of interim assessments and the policy supports that promote use to improve instruction, focusing on elementary school mathematics

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Leslie Nabors Oláh presented "Teacher Analysis of Interim Assessment Results in Elementary Mathematics: A Two-District Study" at the CCSSO Education Leaders Conference on Using Data to Improve Instruction, September 8-10, in Milwaukee, WI.

Start date: 
January 2005
End date: 
December 2009