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Case Study

Three Bridges and Holland Brook Elementary Schools Readington Township, NJ

The Readington Township School District in New Jersey is an unusual public school district in many respects. Once a rural area (or as one teacher phrased it, a “cow path”), the district has become increasingly suburban as corporate offices and new housing developments have attracted upper-middle-class residents to the area. Among the “neighbor” corporations is Merck — a corporation that has influenced Readington schools much more directly than simply bringing in well-educated, upwardly mobile residents.

Merck began its involvement with Readington Township schools by donating computers for the district’s first computer lab. Then in the spring of 1993, the Merck Institute for Science Education (MISE) established an official partnership with the Readington School District. Since that time, the MISE Partnership has been instrumental in changing the way science is taught in Readington schools. This case study describes this transformation and how it came about in two of Readington’s three elementary schools: Three Bridges School and Holland Brook School.

Publication Date

March 2003