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Jonathan A. Supovitz

Experimental Impacts of the Ongoing Assessment Project on Teachers and Students

Research Report

In this report describes the results of a rigorous two-year study of the impacts of a mathematics initiative called Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) on teacher and student learning in grades 3-5 in two Philadelphia area school districts. OGAP is a mathematics program which combines teacher formative assessment practices with knowledge of student developmental progressions to build deeper student understanding of mathematics content.

The Bubble Bursts: The 2015 Opt-Out Movement in New Jersey

Working Paper

The Bubble Bursts: The 2015 Opt-Out Movement in New Jersey analyzes the scope, factors, and context of the opt-out movement that occurred in New Jersey in the spring of 2015. Using test participation data released in February 2016 by the New Jersey Department of Education, we found that approximately 135,000 students did not take the state assessment in the spring of 2015.

Leading Improvement in Challenging Times Guide


An introduction to tools & skills for educational leaders to adapt in times of crisis.

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The Influence of Teacher Leadership Programs on Teacher Leaders, Teachers, Schools, and Districts

Research Report

Teacher leadership is increasingly recognized as a promising strategy to improve the quality of instruction in U.S. schools. Despite the rising number of teacher leadership programs in the country, there is a paucity of knowledge about the work that teacher leaders (TLs) engage in, how educators experience teacher leadership and the impacts of these efforts on teacher leaders themselves and on districts, schools, teachers, and students.

District response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Districts providing strong centralized Covid-19 responses approached the crisis from a top-down leadership and guidance model which constrained school flexibility to act outside of the district’s direction.

This is one of a series of briefs that focused on a ‘critical incident’ surrounding school closure and offers pragmatic suggestions to educational leaders as they continue to grapple with the disruptions of the pandemic.


Meaningful & Sustainable School Improvement with Distributed Leadership

Research Report

School leadership is broadly acknowledged to be the lynchpin for school success. Yet, amongst the countless demands that school leaders face, making wise leadership choices is increasingly challenging. On what should leaders focus their attention and how should they prioritize their improvement efforts?

Typology of Teacher Leadership Programs | A Scan of U.S. Programs & Initiatives that Support Teachers to Take New and Varied Roles

Research Report

Education leaders are perennially seeking new ways to build the capacity of teachers to enhance learning experiences for all students. Teacher leadership, which we define as teachers’ support of the improvement of teaching and learning beyond their own classroom, has long been a source of interest and experimentation (Wenner & Campbell, 2017; York-Barr & Duke, 2004).

TASK Technical Report

Working Paper

This report reviews the development, piloting, and preliminary results from the large-scale field trial of the TASK Instrument (see In the first section, we review the need for an assessment of teachers’ capacity for learning trajectory-oriented instruction and the theoretical foundations that inform our work. We then describe the instrument and its development.

TASK: A Measure of Learning Trajectory-Oriented Formative Assessment

Research Report

This interactive electronic report provides an overview of an innovative new instrument developed by CPRE researchers to authentically measure teachers’ formative assessment practices in mathematics.

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