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Race & Equity

Elizabeth A.R. Bryson

Research Specialist, CPRE
University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth A. R. Bryson (Liz) holds an MSc in psychology from the University of Edinburgh and an MPhil in psychoanalytic studies from Trinity College Dublin. She has contributed to studies examining intergenerational trauma, empathy development, psychoeducation, developmental disabilities, and the role of cultural wealth in psychological wellbeing. Liz is interested in measurement, as well as the intersections of marginalization, social policy, early childhood care and education, and psychopathology.

New Podcasts on Educational Resources & Equity

CPRE Knowledge Hub

CPRE Knowledge Hub and Phi Delta Kappan have joined together to highlight May’s issue of Kappan Magazine and create two quality podcasts. The Research Minutes podcast series invited Kappan contributors to discuss their recent article on educational resources and equity — the causes, the impacts, and the potential solutions.

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell: How School Partnerships Can Perpetuate Inequalities

Dr. John B. Diamond

Senior Research Specialist, CPRE
University of Wisconsin-Madison

John B. Diamond is the Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education and Professor of Education in ELPA and a faculty affiliate in Afro-American Studies and Educational Policy Studies. A sociologist of education, he studies the relationship between social inequality and educational opportunity. More specifically, he examines how educational leadership, policies, and practices shape students' educational opportunities and outcomes.

Douglas D. Ready

Director, CPRE-TC
Teachers College, Columbia University

Douglas D. Ready is the director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at CPRE's Teachers College, Columbia University branch (CPRE-TC). As part of the Leadership & Management Committee, Ready overseees and directs all research projects and teams at CPRE-TC. At Teachers College, Douglas Ready is an Associate Professor of Education and Public Policy.

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